kick off.jpgCrouch attending to Westy after the first goal.jpgWesty, the scorer of our first goal.jpgMr Watt about to send our player off for hand ball.jpgDartford player that was sent off.jpgMr Watt is in fine form about to book Crouch as well.jpgDartford goalie about to concede penalty.jpgCray players standing round like teapots.jpgOla Ayoola.jpgThe blind lino on the dug-out side.jpgAyoola - ex DFC U18.jpgAyoola & Crouch.jpgConnor Heffernan1.jpgConnor Heffernan.jpgDartford goalie kicks the ball away.jpgCrouch on the attack.jpgWesty scores his second.jpgCray on the attack.jpg
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kick off.jpg